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Brothers and Sisters:

As we prepare to move out of our meeting space, your Board has decided to liquidate much of our furniture to save storage costs. At our May meeting, we will accept sealed bids for the items listed. Beside each listed item, you will see our minimum starting bid price. During the May meeting, the bids will be opened with the highest bidder being the winner of the bid. Payment is expected that night unless prior payment arrangements are made through Don Lambert. Winning bidders will have 10 days to pick up their merchandise so that it is gone before May 15, 2014. If there are no bidders, then the furniture will be donated to a worthy organization so designated by your Board. Any questions can be directed to Don Lambert at 


Don Lambert

FOP Silent Auction Merchandise List

2 old blue chairs and mismatch office chairs-- $20 for all 
Crate furnitureó$500
Large screen TV, stand, etc.--$400
Ice Maker--$750
Brown octagonal table--$20



Posted 12/10/13

2014 Lodge Dues Now Due


It is time to pay your 2014 Dues.  Please check the member's only  section for details.  Again this year the added feature of paying online through the  secure Paypal  site with credit card has been added.

Posted 12/27/09

Donation to Henrico Lodge Foundation

 Please check out all the info and know how much your donation is appreciated. Donations

Posted 1/5/2010 

Reasons to be a member of the FOP:

 Most important - Representation - Local, State, and National!

 More importantly - fellowship with brothers and sisters of Law Enforcement. 

Other benefits include:

 LDP (Legal Defense Plan) - Having the LDP not only protects you but your family- don't put your personal financial situation in danger by not having this coverage.  NOTE:  Nationwide the per hour rate for an attorney is $325.00 whereas the annual cost for the FOP-LDP is $215.00 (testimonials available if you do not believe this coverage is an important addition to your Insurance portfolio).  Having legal counsel during any investigation (administrative, criminal, or civil) will insure the protection of your due process rights.  Waiting to obtain the LDP until after being notified that you are under investigation is like trying to obtain auto insurance after you have wrecked your car.  Don't delay get it today!

 Expert Financial Services through member partners:

  • Henrico FOP Associate Member Thom Kirby - Morgan Stanley.  Thom has a vast array of experience in personal finance and is available for advice.  He services our Foundation Accounts and regularly attends the monthly meetings.

  • Henrico FOP Associate Members Howard DiSavino and Dean Hardy - Mass Mutual Financial Group.  Howard and Dean also provide financial advice and offer many levels of insurance opportunities.  They have assisted our members/non-members through their "Pension Maximization" program designed specifically for VRS members.


 State FOP Bi-Annual Conference - To be held in August 2010 and hosted by the Chesterfield and Henrico Lodges.

 On behalf of the Executive Board, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and hope to see you at the meeting.


Care and Concerns

If you have any concerns regarding a member being sick, a death, etc., please contact Lauren Nobles at

Fraternal Order of Police
Legal Defense Plan

Watch this short video regarding the Legal Defense Plan.
(You will need Windows Media Player or Real Player to watch)


New FOP#4 Mail List

Henrico FOP#4 has set up a mailing list for its members to communicate with each other but in order to be included you need to contact Gail Atkinson to be added to the list. Please do not write to the list directly until you are a member or it will not go through as only those added to the list can participate.  Write to Gail at After your membership has been verified your name will be added and you will receive an email explaining how the mail list works. So be sure you are able to receive email from
 Also, if you have any questions you can also write to Gail at the same email address.



Henrico F.O.P Lodge #4
Officers 2013-2014

President Chaplain
Shawn D. Maxwell Billy Duke
Vice President Guard/Sergeant at Arms
Jim Livingston RJ Clark
2nd Vice President Trustee
Mark Domnick Frank Hudak
Secretary Trustee
Lauren Nobles Tripp Hueston
Treasurer Trustee
Don Lambert Sung Jung
Immediate Past President State Trustee
Reese Haller Reese Haller


Henrico F.O.P Lodge #4
Auxiliary Officers 2012-2013

President 2nd Vice President
Susan Cassidy Kathy Leber
Vice President Sgt-At-Arms
Debbie East Pam Maxwell
Secretary Chaplain
Becky Edwards Tonya Haller
Treasurer Trustee
Mary Ann O'Keeffe Bonnie Stinson
Past President  Trustee
Kelly Preston  Sarah Duke





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